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Steel and Magic. Edged Weapons of the Malay Archipelago

01. DEZ 2019 – 30. JUN 2020



The islands of the Malay Archipelago, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, are for most Westerners an exotic and unknown world. Just as foreign are the various sorts of blades that originated and developed there. An outstanding tradition of forging was mixed with the exquisite craftsmanship required in working with wood, precious metals, and other materials. Many have their own, mysterious identity and supernatural beliefs surround a great number of them.

Our special exhibition "Steel and Magic: Edged Weapons from the Malay Archipelagos" will present the blade culture from this past of the world in all its glory, from metallurgy to martial arts, and from religious meanings to the importance of the kris – a blade recognised by UNESCO for its immaterial cultural heritage.

Along with the collection of the Deutsches Klingenmuseum are presented weapons from important private collections and IFICAH, the International Foundation for Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage.


An extensive catalogue and an exciting event program (e. g., academic conference "Battle Magic", workshop on kris making, collectors' meeting, martial arts workshops) accompany the exhibition. Steel and Magic will be an "enchanting" experience for both specialists and newly interested.

Visit our Videotour (English) through the exhibition! There is also the opportunity to order the brochure (German) vis HistoFakt. The extensive exhibition catalogue (English and German) will be published early in 2020 and can be ordered via Edition Fichter.