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The misery and misfortune of war

The misery and misfortune of war

10. MAR – 29. APR 2018

Cabinet exhibition with etchings of Jaques Callot

When Arnold Lück, former director of the savings bank Solingen, retired in 1995, he made the Klingenmuseum a remarkable gift: he gave the museum the possibility to buy a series of 18 etchings with the title "Les Misères et les Malheurs de la Guerre" (The misery and misfortune of war). The french artist Jaques Callot (1592 – 1635) processed his impressions of the 30 years war in this series from 1633. The series applies besides the simplicissimus as one of the most impressing artistic sources of this devastating conflict. The pictures show the typical course of a hostile action: from the recruitment of the troops up to the violent disorders next to the battlefields. They are annotated with rhymes by the cleric Michel de Marolles (1600 – 1681).

These etchings are exhibited in a cabinet exhibition for the first time during the last 20 years. They are open for public during MAR 10th and APR 29th 2018. The exhibition is framed by some edged weapons of the 30 years war. A rememberance that many swords and sabers in our collection are not only of excellent craftsmanship or art objects, but also instruments of war.