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The Pott Archive

The Legacy of C. Hugo Pott, Solingen

"Leave out the expendable and create the “Useful” even more so perfect and beautiful" (Carl Pott)

Carl Pott was the formative personality at the head of the company "C. Hugo Pott, special factory for silver, silver coated, and rust free silverware and dining utensils", that he made into a manufacturer of international standing.
For over 100 years (1904 – 2005) the world renowned silverware company was located in Solingen. The clear statement of the "Bauhaus way of thought" oriented design of the silverware and dining utensils and the quality of the workmanship, made Pott-silverware and dining utensils internationally famous and earned him countless awards.

In 1935 Carl Pott laid down the cornerstone of a silverware program with his plain, smooth Model 2716; that noticeably raised itself above the other assortments of the silverware producers in Germany. At the World Expo in Paris in 1937 the just 31 year old Carl Pott received the international award "Diplom D´Honneur" for this very silverware model.

The collaboration of the Artist in the industry was a core demand of the "German Work Federation". Carl Pott followed this maxim. He sought out contact with accomplished creators in the field of applied arts. And so he entrusted Hermann Gretsch, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Joseph Hoffmann, Elisabeth Treskow, and Hans Schwippert with designing his silverware.

An era ended a few years past: Pott had left the city of Solingen in the year 2005, the production would be continued by the new owner "Seibel Designpartner" in the city of Mettmann. An important part stayed though in Solingen. The "German Blade Museum" received a generous donation from Hannspeter Pott, who relinquished the company archive to the museum. And the archive now can be found as the "Pott Archive" in the "German Blade Museum" containing the complete collection of silverware models, serving utensils, special dining utensils, hollow-ware such as cups, bowls and plates, preliminary drawings, developmental sequences and handmade samples, brochures, catalogs and advertisements.

The exhibit room dedicated to the "Pott Archive" displays; on hand the representative selection out of the archive, the history of  "C. Hugo Pott". The room is furnished with original furniture and objects out of the “model room” at the former Solingen company headquarters in the Ritter Street.