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I. Klingenmuseum Sword Festival

Saturday & Sunday | 14. & 15. JUL 2018


The Spanish Rapier, the Persian Shamshir, the Japanese Katana – few objects of human culture exert such fascination as the sword. Throughout all times and regions it has been as well a weapon as a symbol, a work of art and a high-tech product.

The Sword Festival at Deutsches Klingenmuseum will consist of two full days devoted to this world-wide fascination of the sword in all its facets. Historical bladed weapons and modern sword forging, fencing techniques from Europe to the Far East: Sword-Enthusiasts will be delighted!

The complete Sword Festival schedule: workshops, lectures, demonstrations!


The Sword Festival will include:

Exhibitors Sword Fair, Collectors' Convention, and Info Café

 Andreas Henrichs, DE (handmade swords) Dima Hramtsov, BY (handmade swords)
Dr. Fabrice Cognot, FR (handmade swords) Fabri Armorum, CZ (handmade swords)
Ulrich Langbehn, DE (handmade swords) Malleus Martialis, IT (training swords and replicas)
Schorsch der Schmied, DE (handmade swords) Waffenschmiede Zürcher, CH (swords and polearm)
Der Shogun, DE (Japanese swords and accessories) Panabas y Puntadas, DE (Filipino edged weapons)
The Knight Shop, GB (European swords and accessories) Tsuba-Stemp, DE (custom-made tsuba for training swords)
HistoFakt, DE (Literature: edged weapons and HEMA) VS Books, DE (Literature: edged weapons and reenactment)
Philippe Leemans, BE (antique arms and armour) James Brown, US (testimonials of blade production in Solingen)
Landesmuseum Württemberg, DE Royal Armouries, GB
Balkhauser Kotten, DE Maison de la Manufacture Klingenthal, FR
Hakushinkai Düsseldorf e.V, DE
(Japanese swordsmanship)
Gesellschaft zur Erforschung und Praxis des Kleinen Rahmen Chen Clan Taijiquan, DE (Chinese art of fencing)
Benkei Naginata Kyôshitsu, DE (Japanese lance) Japanische Schwertgalerie, DE (swords and literature)
Kai Witte, DE (antique edged weapons) Heinz-Peter Freyda, DE (antique edged weapons)

Sword Fair

The Sword Fair offers a wide range of products: in the first place there will be modern hand-forged custom swords and historical bladed weapons. But also factory made training swords and blades from serial production, training equipment, books, sword ornaments and elements of pop-culture that are related to the sword, can be presented here.

Collectors’ Convention

At the Collectors' Convention, enthusiasts of historical pieces have the opportunity to present their collections, to establish new contacts, and to discuss with other participants.

Info Café

At the Info Café, museums, clubs and associations related to the sword have the opportunity to present themselves to the public and to convey their work.


From European sabre fencing to Filipino Kali: in a sports hall in the immediate vicinity of the Klingenmuseum, workshops in different ways of swordsmanship will be offered, for beginners as well as advanced students, children and adults.

Lectures and demonstrations

Designated professionals will give lectures on the history and significance of the sword, while in the museum's courtyard fencing clubs and craftsmen will present demonstrations of their skills.




täglich 10 – 17 Uhr
freitags 14 – 17 Uhr
montags geschlossen