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klingenmuseum for kids

A Museum Only for Children: you can go on an adventures expedition in the building adjacent to the main museum building. You will discover the multi-restaurant, real edged weapons, and craftsman blades. Everything can be tried out (moving, touching,  turning). For example: you can meet the smart dwarf here, he always knows the correct answer. You can try your best to guess at different sounds, reach inside a mysterious box, watch a short film, and even hold a real antique sword or saber and dagger in your own hands!

When you drop by you will need to purchase your tickets in the big main museum building before walking over to the museum for children.
The ticket price is only 2,00 € for children.
The ticket price for parents, grandparents, and other adults is 4,50 €.
The tickets are of course valid for the main "German Blade Museum", too.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Information and reservations: +49 212 25836-0




täglich 10 – 17 Uhr
freitags 14 – 17 Uhr
montags geschlossen