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The Knife Award of Deutsches Klingenmuseum is awarded annually for an outstanding, hand-made knife. It is endowed with a prize money of 2000 € by Stiftung Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums. Participation is open to everyone.

Knife Award 2021: Dagger!

On Saturday, 13 November, the Knife Award 2021 took place under the theme "Dagger!".

The level was very high, and there were several top pieces that seemed prize-worthy. After an exhaustive discussion, the jury decided to award two prizes in 2021. Two daggers had received equal points in the judgement, and it seemed impossible to decide which of the two should be second.
The Knife Award 2021 therefore goes to:
Tõnu Arrak (Estonia)
Ralf Hoffmann (Germany)
The two award-winning pieces will be on view until 15 May 2022.


Winners of the last years

2020: Dakota Slack, Wilmot (New Hampshire), USA
Motto: The Perfect Cooking Knife

Here an overview of all participating knives 2020 (at the bottom of the site)



2019: Stefan Steigerwald, Wendelstein.
Motto: "Slipjoint – always with you"

2019, Stefan Steigerwald


2018: Mathias Maresch, Staufen im Breisgau.
Motto: "Make a Machete!"

2018, Matthias Maresch



2017: Reinhard Tschager, Bozen.
Motto: "Small, fixed, exquisite"

2017, Reinhard Tschager





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