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Event Rooms

You are planning a conference, anniversary, cultural event, or you would like to present a new product: With its one of a kind "atmosphere" the "German Blade Museum" can be used for many different occasions. The "Stiftersaal" is suitable for up to 100 people. The room contains modern features including a video projector, a large video screen, and an amplifier system.
Just ask us about it... we are here to help!

Mondays thru Thursdays
Telephone: 0212-25836-10

The price of the rent for the room is found in the "Fixed Charge Ordinance"

100 people seated in rows of chairs
60 people seated at tables

Events up to 3 hours: Every extended hour
Price category A 122 Euro 31 Euro
Price category B 163 Euro 41 Euro
Price category C 306 Euro 77 Euro


use of the amplifier 25,00 €
video projector/overhead projector/slide projector 25,00 €
grand piano 85,00 €

extra 25 Euro the hour fee on rent outside of the
regular opening times hours

25,00 €
cleaning fee 30,00 €

The prices for the use of the amplifier, video projector, overhead projector, slide projector and grand piano do not include VAT.




täglich 10 – 17 Uhr
freitags 14 – 17 Uhr
montags geschlossen