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Our Museum Needs Your Support

In 2009 the “Friends of the Deutsche Klingenmuseum e.V.” established a charity foundation to support the work of the “German Blade Museum” with the base amount of 140000 Euros. The foundations capital is intended to grow in the future – in addition to the municipal sponsorship – to secure a constant private base to support the long term existence of the museum.

The profits gained from the charity foundation serve the foundations objective:
“The objective of the foundation is to acquire funds to support art and culture through another corporation or public corporation. Along with that the foundation can fulfill the objective itself. The foundation supports the operation of  the “German Blade Museum”. The objective of the foundation will be realized especially through the support of specific measures.

  • to  facilitate exhibits, events, and publications.
  • to have the goal to maintain and expand the collection.
  • to make it easier to contribute to the “German Blade Museum”
    ( an excerpt out or the foundation statutes)

Every citizen has the possibility; due to special personal occasion, or in the form of an inheritance – and of course even in small amounts – to help and to raise the level of capital of the foundations.

Very important: All of the contributions are completely tax deductible. The newly composed inheritance law makes it easier to donate to foundations and charities.

Give your help!

Please give your help so our “Blade Museum” can stay attractive in the future for our citizens, for our city and for our guests. To reach this goal we want to manage to raise the foundations capital level up to two million euros over the next five years.

Your support would make us very happy!

Foundation and Donation account

Stiftung Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums
IBAN DE14 3425 0000 0001 2659 17

Any questions?

Stiftung Freunde des Deutschen Klingenmuseums
Klosterhof 4
42653 Solingen